Waters D’vine Eco Urban Tour 


Mon-Fri 11am-2pm

Sat-Sun 11am-2pm / 4-7pm

Check in: 10:45am
Bike Ride: 11:00am
The Filling Station Microbrewery: 11:15am
Hull Park Launch: 12:00pm
Union Street Dam: 12:25pm
The Parlor: 12:30pm
Clinch Park: 1:40pm
Franklin or Workshop: 2:00pm


Kabrew Happy Hour Tour 

kabrew logoMonday-Friday 4-7 pm

Check in: 3:45pm
Bike Ride: 4:00pm
The Filling Station Microbrewery: 4:15pm
Hull Park Launch: 5:00pm
Union Street Dam: 5:25pm
The Parlor: 5:30pm
Firefly: 6:00pm
Clinch Park: 6:40pm
Franklin or Workshop: 7:00pm